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Restorative Mediation Project

Sandy's Story

One family's journey through the legal and restorative process after a traffic car accident. 

Our Mission:

  • To increase awareness and the use of restorative justice concepts and practices in the resolution of personal injury and medical error claims.
  • To provide resources and connections for individuals and organizations interested in using restorative mediation practices.
  • To collect examples of how restorative mediation has been successful in helping individuals after a traumatic injury.

An Invitation:

We invite you to browse the website and become part of this movement. We are available to connect with individuals or organizations to provide information and resources which will assist you in continuing this work in your community. 


"Just as restorative justice has an important role to play in the criminal justice system, I believe it can play an important role in assisting victims in the civil justice system."

John W. Suthers, Colorado Attorney General


Restorative Mediation Project

 Ken Jaray, Executive Director
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